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Dam of:
kiss tag
Ch Winuwuk Kiss Tag with Sulez, 11 CCs & 7 RCCs

Ch Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa, 3 CCs & 2 RCCs

Ch Winuwuk Brief Affair, 4 CCs & 4 RCCs

Ch Winuwuk Chance Encounter, 5 CCs & 4 RCCs

Ch Winuwuk Looking for Love, 12 CCs & 13 RCCs

Ch Winuwuk Whole Lotta Love at Sugarwood, 3 CCs & 1 RCC

name of
Ch Winuwuk In The Name of Lust, 4 CCs & 10 RCCs

Winuwuk Close Encounter for Misstricks, 1 RCC

Truffle’s story goes all the way back to 2010 when we had far too many bitches to show.  As a result we let Sue Drinkwater have Winuwuk Rock Chick.  She was a very pretty dark brindle and white sired by Ch Lichdel Uncle Silas at Winuwuk out of a Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust at First Sight daughter called Winuwuk Cool Chick who was litter brother to NZ Grand Ch Winuwuk Brief Encounter.  We'll be hearing more about him later in the story. 

Rock Chick went on to win a Reserve CC at WELKS in 2011.  Not long after it was time to mate her and we suggested to Sue that she might like to try the excellent stud dog Ch Designer Game at Glenauld.  We had used him a few years earlier on Cool Chick’s mother and we had a good litter which, more importantly, had produced on well for us in subsequent generations. 

The mating was done which we think was one of Designer Game’s last studs and two bitch puppies were the end result, born on 20 November 2011.  Sue kept Sulez Chiquita who was the better show dog, going on to win a couple of Reserve CCs but it was Truffle, the one who came back to Winuwuk, who was going to enter the record books by virtue of her children. 

We showed her a little bit but we had better bitches at the time and we decided that she wasn’t one that we could hope to make up.  However her breeding interested us greatly and, being by an outcross dog, we could use our home grown stud dogs and do some classic line breeding which has always been our preference. 

For her first litter we decide to use our young Max son Ch Maromad Kiss The Girls at Winuwuk and it was a cracking big litter of evenly marked, quality pups born in April 2014.  We had too many males at the time and so we gave first choice to Sue who selected the future Ch Winuwuk Kiss Tag at Sulez.  Loz Fay Smith then had second choice of the males and we encouraged her to go for the future Ch Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa.    

For her second litter we had arranged to use Brief Encounter, the Max son in New Zealand, by the wonders of artifical insemination.  You’ll remember from earlier that this dog was Truffle’s great uncle.  We had been following his stellar show and stud career from 12,000 miles away and we were convinced that he would be an asset to our breeding programme.  A dog and a bitch stood out from the litter which was born in January 2016 and even though the bitch was unpigmented in one eye we were not deterred.  The highlight of their careers was when they did the double at the Trent Boxer Club from a massive entry and both Ch Winuwuk Chance Encounter and Ch Winuwuk Brief Affair went on to gain their titles handily.  A third littermate, Winuwuk Close Encounter for Misstricks was a smart dog who went to live with Patrick Elsworth, going on to pick up a RCC.

We never breed our bitches excessively and so we knew that Truffle’s third litter would be her last.  Having achieved such outstanding results by mating her to two different Max sons the decision for this final litter was not difficult – we would take advantage of AI once again and use Max himself. 

Our AI man is based in Southern Ireland and so Truffle went on her holidays to Jimbren again and we really must thank Brenda Groves and Steve Hare for all their help when these AI matings needed to be done.  They saved us so much time, money and effort and we will be forever grateful.  The litter was born in September 2017 and we were spoilt for choice.  The male stood out for Julie while Tim was very keen on the golden brindle bitch.  These two went on to become Ch Winuwuk In The Name of Lust and Ch Winuwuk Looking for Love.  Having made our choices we let our good friends John Cormack and Veronica Feaver choose next and they went for the future Ch Winuwuk Whole Lotta Love at Sugarwood who won the 300th Winuwuk Boxer CC when she got made up at Leeds 2021. 

10 years after her birth, Truffle’s progeny continued to excel in the 2021 show rings, giving her yet another Top Dam award.  Four of her kids won 11 CCs and 7 CCs between them.  Scouting for Girls won the RCC from Veteran under Yvonne Miller on the same day that In The Name of Lust won his first CC.  In The Name of Lust then went on to do the first of two doubles with his sister Looking for Love at the Midland Boxer Club on the same day that his other sister Whole Lotta Love won the RCC.  She had been made up just the week before.  Doing ‘the three quarters’ at a big breed club show like the Midland with three littermates will live in our memories for ever.

For a bitch to produce seven UK champions from just three litters is quite remarkable and a comfortable new UK record.  Outstanding Boxers from just three litters who are proud to call Truffle their mum have now won 42 CCs and 42 RCCs.