Winuwuk Companions

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I thought you might like to see how Oscar is doing? He is the cheekiest Boxer we've had. We love him to bits! Here are pictures which portray him beautifully.

Pat Shepherd

Here's Floyd - he loves the beach! He's a great character, we bought the ball thrower but he wouldn't chase the ball just wanted the plastic thrower !!

Nicola Lampard

Just to let you know that Cooper is doing really well, we are really pleased with him and the kids just adore him.
Sam & Steve Male

"I thought that you might like to know that Phoebe has just passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme at Gold Level! Phoebe has turned out to be the most lovely Boxer you could wish for. Her temperament is fantastic, she mixes with other dogs without a problem and she just loves Jessie (our labrador) and the girls. Duncan and Fiona Short"

"Just thought you would like to see how one of your boys is doing on his second birthday. He's now Gus and is a great dog. We're really enjoying him.
Always checking your site for pictures. Congrats on the many wins!

Best wishes

Steve & Sara Wood

Leanne Hogg let us have this lovely picture of Winuwuk Up Close n Personal and Winuwuk Struck for Words at Kamaliwood enjoying the winter weather

We were pleased to hear from Jane Karas recently:

"Thought youd like to see how Layla has settled in its unbelievable how quickly shes adapted to her new life"

Dear Julie & Tim
I just thought I'd let you know that I'm doing really well, in fact I have just passed the 'Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme' at Bronze and Silver levels, all on one day! Mum and Dad were really pleased with me, so to show them that I am still a real Boxer I ate Dad's mobile phone and Mum's purse!  For some reason this did not please them as much as the awards? Jessie the labrador is still my best friend, there is nothing better than ambushing her on a walk!

Almost had Bandit for a year now!!!! He truly is the most amazing dog. He won a Rosette and was top dog in his Puppy Class. He is off to the graduation class in November - he's a handful but oh SO loved


Just wanted to let you know that the puppy has settled in really well. She is fantastic and Maddy has been wonderful in letting her into the pack. They are sharing a bed and play in the garden very happily. She is sleeping and feeding well and seems to have got the hang of toileting outside. Very bright. She even watches the TV!!! We love her to bits, but can't agree on a name.. I like Hatty so that might stay. Attached is a picture of her with Maddy.

Thank you so much.

Love Sarah, Phil & Ruby x

Our lovely new puppy is doing fine! She has had her first jab and is booked into to next lot of puppy classes which start in four weeks. She has her second lot of jabs next Monday and micro chipping at the same time. She only has wet accidents during the night and nothing in the day. She put on a kilo in a week which the vet was very happy with. She has a couple of favourite toys, one being this duck. She has a habbit of sticking out her tongue while she is asleep as you can see. The children all love her.

Many thanks Debbie

Just thought I'd let you know that Eddie has settled in really well and took to his food straight away. He has made great friends with Duke, our Dogue de Bordeaux, and follows him everywhere. I have attached a photo of them together last night while we were watching telly

Dave and Emma

Hector has continued to just grow and grow and is very much part of the family. He is a little boisterous compared to any of the other Boxers we have had before, but he is a real character and he and our other Boxer just adore one another and never stop playing. Thank you so much for such a lovely chap.
Chris Hobbs



Bertie is doing really well.  He is still into landscape gardening and nothing gives him more pleasure than clearing out our garden pots, re-arranging piles of garden cuttings awaiting disposal, and pruning, which is his speciality!  The first prize rosette was for coming first in the "Retrieving the Sausage Competition" at the puppy class Christmas party.  The one with the most sausage left was the winner, I'll leave that to your imagination!  Bertie loved the snow and is seen here admiring the view from on top of Crickely Hill with his Aunt Lusty

"I recently bought a dark brindle from you and thought it would be a nice idea to send you some pictures to show you how he is getting on.  He is just mad but a very good puppy with a mind of his own, he is very playful, loving and we wouldn't change him for the world." 

Hi Julie,
This is the life, better than a outside kennel, I like to get my head down on a comfy pillow after a hard day at the office, give my regards to everyone at Winuwuk!.

Two Winuwuk Boxers enjoying life on the beach at their new homes - one on Christmas day with her hat in Bermuda and one in the UK with his new pal

"Phoebe has settled in well and often uses Jessie the Lab as her own personal cushion.  We start socialisation classes soon and luckily there is another Boxer starting in the same class"
Duncan & Fiona Short

Hi Julie
Murphy has settled in amazingly well. He is part of the family and is totally spolit rotten. Love Lee and Clare x

Just to let you know Marley has settled in really well and has been really good, eating well and enjoying her walks. The other dogs have all taken to her well. She is so delightful.
Glynis Taylor

Just a quick update on Bandit - he really is an amazing dog and VERY much loved (even Basil is coming round to liking him, hurrah... You won't believe this but he even asked to go out this morning - he went to the kitchen door (glass) and sat looking out - when I opened the door he skipped out and had a pee - he is right now curled up under my chair snoring.
Nicky Randall

"Please find a picture of Oscar.  We took him to the coast for a holiday recently and he loved playing with other dogs.  Not too keen on getting wet in the sea though!  I think this is a Boxer thing.  Our last two did not like water.  My son Oli is dying to take him on long walks up the mountain, but we are restricting his walks to a couple a day for about 30 minutes until he's a bit older.  We love him to bits and already he has established himself as the most important person in the household.  Ester"

"Just thought you would like to know Cleo has settled in really well, even the first night was fine.  Many thanks.  Judy"
We were delighted to hear from Louise and Darren Ramsay that their new pup had settled in so well and was getting on famously with their pet Rottie

Just to let you know Buddy is doing really well.  He took a little time to settle but we think he missed his brothers and sisters.  As you can see he loves company even when its his own.. Ha Ha!!   He has exceeded our expectations and everyone loves him including the vet and the postman.  He is an absolute winner. He is so good David keeps mentioning a friend for him. I daren't tell him you're having another litter!  Hope you and Tim are both well.  Many many thanks for our Buddy Boy
"I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to report back on how Bertie is settling into his new home.  As you can see from the enclosed pictures, he is a happy pup. Peter & I are knackered, I'd forgotten what hard work it is keeping an active puppy under control. However, we love him to pieces and it only took him two days to learn how to sit and wait for his food, not bad eh?  Apart from that he enjoys landscape gardening and loves his Auntie Lusty (feelings aren't exactly mutual yet).  She has been as good
as gold and there has only been one punch-up over a ball when he over stepped the mark.  Every guest who has stayed at our B&B since we've had Bertie have cooed and spoilt him, we've even had to check their suitcases to make sure that they haven't packed him!"
Best regards

Last weekend was a large cluster of shows at the Reliant Centre in Houston to which the general public could take their dogs. We took Lily and Tempest out to have a look and to expose them to the sights and sounds (a lot of sounds from the flyball arena) of the hordes of people and dogs. I put a backpack on Lily and she thought she was working and was a terrific ambassador for the breed. A friend of mine took a few snapshots of them and I thought you might like to see them. Tempest's body is as good as her head!

We were delighted at their temperament and how they managed the admiration of the crowd (most especially from the Boxer ringside audience)

Andrew & Darlene Reynolds
Texas, USA

We bought a handsome white boxer dog from you two years ago (Bailey) He's turned into the loveliest dog and now we'd like another.

Natalie Payne