Winuwuk Reserve CC Winners

Boxers                                           167
Bulldog 1
Lakeland Terriers 6
Boston Terriers 6
Total 180

Winuwuk  Boxers Reserve CC Winners

Gremlin Firecrest 2
Ch. Kinbra Uncle Sam of Winuwuk 7
Ch. Sulak Lucky Strike of Winuwuk 4
Ch. Summerdale Stormkist 2
Ch. Winuwuk Good Golly 22
Winuwuk Miss Molly 2
Ch. Wrencliff Flying Scotchman of Winuwuk    4
Winuwuk Chit Chat 3
Ch. Winuwuk Heaven Forbid 6
Happy Returns of Winuwuk 1
Ch. Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk 17
Ch. Rebkai Tale of Love for Winuwuk 5
Ch. Winuwuk Jubilation 4
Ch. Winuwuk Celebration 6
Ch. Winuwuk Hazy Daze at Roamaro 2
Ch. Winuwuk Misty Morning 1
Ch. Winuwuk Lust in the Dust 2
Ch. Winuwuk Inspiration of Newlaithe 1
Ch. Winuwuk Love Struck 3
Ch. Winuwuk Hot n Bothered 3
Ch. Winuwuk The Mistress 2
Secret Love at Winuwuk 3
Winuwuk Back in Velvet 1
Ch. Winuwuk Story Book 4
Ch. Winuwuk Lust at First Sight 18
Tallyrand of Glenfall 1
Winuwuk Commotion 1
Winuwuk Delinquent 1
Winuwuk Dizzy Drizzle on Filrosma 2
Winuwuk Dress to Impress 1
Winuwuk Freedom of Lafolie 3
Winuwuk Goody Tu Shoes 4
Winuwuk Happy Days 1
Winuwuk The Escort 1
Winuwuk Top Story at Kenbru 4
Winuwuk Up Close n Personal 1
Ziggy Starlight of Winuwuk 1
Ch. Lichdel Uncle Silas To Winuwuk 3
Winuwuk Enzo Ferrari 2
Winuwuk The Maverick 1
Winuwuk Rumour Has It 4
Ch. Winuwuk The Outlaw 6
Ch Maromad Kiss The Girls at Winuwuk 2
Winuwuk Maid Marion 2
Diceulon The Desperado at Winuwuk 1
Ch Winuwuk Il Messaggero 1
Ch. Diceulon Ginn Fizz at Winuwuk 1
Total Number of Boxer  RES. CCs 167

Winuwuk Bulldog Reserve CC Winner

Shiloh Miss Muffet At Winuwuk                              1
Total Number Bulldog of RES. CCs 1

Winuwuk Lakeland Terrier Reserve CC Winner
Ch Firecracker at Rayfos


Winuwuk Fire N Ice at Rayfos 2
Total number of Lakeland Terrier RES. CCs              6

Boston Terrier Reserve CC Winners
Winuwuk Andy Pandy


Winuwuk Midi Mouse


Winuwuk Jiminy Cricket 1
Winuwuk Diddy Man 1
Winuwuk Scooby Doo 1
Total number of Boston Terrier RES. CCs              6
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