Winuwuk Stud Dogs
We are extremely proud of our varied and good producing team of health tested stud dogs.  The strength of our team is that we have something to offer almost any bitch line with a wide range of pedigrees which combine top producers from both the UK and overseas.  We also feel that it is extremely important in this day and age to have a wide range of both line-bred and outcrossed dogs at stud.  This is illustrated by the coefficient of in-breeding quoted on each of our males which is taken directly from the Kennel Club's Mate Select website.  However, no matter what their breeding, all of our stud dogs have the type and temperament which we have strived for over the years and they are all unmistakeably 'Winuwuk'



Fee: ?50
Heart Tested Clear (Grade 0)
Sires reds and brindles
Co-efficient of inbreeding 6.2%

'Mexican Max' is a beautifully made dog who moves exceptionally. He has outstanding balance with correct front and rear angulation and a smoothness through the neck and shoulder which is increasingly uncommon. He has fine, quality skin and tight fitting red jacket. His head is clean and well balanced skull to muzzle with excellent eye and expression. He has a super mouth, wonderful lip to lip placement and, that rarest of qualities, a correct tip-tilt to his nose. He comes from a family of Boxers that we have very much admired and his pedigree offers a completely different option for any UK lines. However, we are pleased that he has a degree of line-breeding in his own pedigree which is sensible when you are considering a complete outcross. We hope that he will be an asset both to our breeding programme and to the UK Boxer. An added bonus is that as a solidly marked red, he should produce no white puppies.


4 CC, BOB & 3 RCC
Group 4 Manchester

Leo is producing some really lovely progeny. 
His daughter was National Puppy of the Year 2010.

He has a wonderful temperament, a fabulous head and expression and lovely flowing body lines giving him a beautiful outline with correctly balanced front and rear angulation.

Fee: ?00
Heart Tested Clear (Grade 0/1)
Dominant Brindle
Co-efficient of inbreeding 7.4%


Best of Breed Crufts 2014
11 CC 6 RCC
Top Boxer 2014

Ollie is a beautifully made young dog and a super mover, as you would expect since his father is our breed record holder Lust at First Sight.  In many respects he also reminds us of his grand-father Ch Winuwuk Lust in the Dust.  Beautifully line-bred on top producers we think he is a real asset to our stud team, particularly to out-cross bitches

Fee: ?00
Heart Tested Clear (Grade 0)
Sire of Reds and Brindles
Co-efficient of inbreeding 20.1%




3 CC, 2 RCC

Jordi's pedigree is a very interesting mix of top British and continental bloodlines.  His construction and movement are outstanding, with excellent angulation both ends.  Already the sire of CC, RCC and multiple Best Puppy Winners.

Fee: ?00
Heart Tested Clear (Grade 0/1)
Dominant Brindle
Co-efficient of inbreeding 5.5%




4 CC 1 RCC
Working Group Winner WKC 2014

Milo is a beautiful clean-limbed dog with a fantastic head and expression.  He also has a super outline with lovely angulation and a wonderful temperament.  His pedigree is a wonderful combination of top producers from the UK and Europe and although you would not think so to look at him, since he retains classic 'Winuwuk' type, his pedigree is very open reflected in his extremely low co-efficient of in-breeding.  We think he has lots to offer.

Fee: ?00
Heart Tested Clear (Grade 0)
Dominant Brindle
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Co-efficient of inbreeding 7.5%

Thank you for considering one our stud dogs.

We recommend the following:

?Bitches must be satisfactorily heart tested under the Boxer Breed Council scheme

?Bitches must be checked by their owner’s vet to confirm that they are in good health to have a litter. With the current concerns about Juvenile Kidney Disease in the breed it is sensible to have a Urine Specific Gravity test done as part of this health check.

?Bitches should not mated until they are three years of age

?Bitches should not have a first litter after the age of five

?In choosing a suitable stud dog, do consider the degree of inbreeding in the resulting pedigree. Use the Kennel Club’s Mate Select tool (link below) to make sure that the mating you are planning results in a Coefficient of In-Breeding which is lower than the parents?score, and towards the breed average

If you do use one of our stud dogs and your bitch should happen to miss then you are entitled to a free repeat mating between the same dog and the same bitch at any time within the 18 month period after the initial mating